No Dog.

I would strangle a baby to make WinAmp available on the mac.

Seriously. Find out which infant I have to throttle to death in its crib, and I'll put on my murderin' gloves.

iTunes is goddamned terrible. Quicksilver makes it somewhat usable by providing the ability to use the keyboard to control it. Maybe there's a way to use a single key stroke to go forward/backward/play/pause, but for now I have to hit APPLE-SPACE, and then type "pr" for previous, "ne" for next, etc. That's not entirely miserable.

Of course there's no way to just jump to a song from keyboard, or even from iTunes, really. You have to search for a song, then select it from the list... and then make sure to clear the search listing, or it'll only play your search results.

And my god, I miss being able to queue up songs.

In conclusion, I fucking hate life, and all the supposed focus on usability fucking went out the window when it came to iTunes. Right now, it's only marginally more useful than just plugging the headphones directly into the goddamned iPod.
No Dog.

Hipster Checklist

  • Buy mac
  • Work on novel in coffee shop
  • Listen to obscure music and get offended when everyone else doesn't instantly recognize it
    • Instantly start hating said music as soon as one person recognizes it
  • Have existential crisis
No Dog.

So, I got a mac.

Yeah. So my friend sold me his MacBook Pro. Just forked over $1600, and now it's sitting on my desk, doing nothing, because for some reason it hates my wireless. I think my other laptop's feelings got hurt, because now it can't connect to the wireless either. Oh well. They're sitting side by side, so they'll have to learn to play nice one way or the other.

Four. Count the. Four.

I think I'm going to catch NAS or something.
No Dog.

No Swearing

Whenever a client that we think might be particularly sensitive to my, uh, colorful outbursts ("WHY WON'T THIS FUCKING GODDAMNIT FUCKPILE PROCESS THIS STUPID SHIT") the boss reminds me not to swear.

Since I have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer's, I find it useful to make myself a little reminder.

No swearing.
No Dog.

Have you ever almost fought a santa? And where can I replace my jellyfish?

My life sounds much more amazing than it actually is.

For instance, last Saturday a guy on the internet gave me $100 worth of drinking money, which I used to treat myself and my friends to a night out at Lee Harvey's. Oh, and while there, I apparently almost got into a fight with a Santa Claus who was there for charity. The memory became much more cemented in my mind when I dug out a pair of jingle bells out of my shirt pocket.


Also, if I'm interpreting this light on my car's dashboard correctly, my Jellyfish has lost its tentacles.

Seriously, what?